4C Lam Chun Yee

By | January 30, 2019

I am Lam Chun Yee from class 4C. First of all, I would like to ask you a question, have you ever heard of a book called Tuesdays with Morrie. It is the best seller of Mitch Albom, it includes the discussion between the author and an old professor Morrie Schwartz. However, what I am going to share is Morrie’s own book, which is entitled Morrie in his own words, presenting the philosophies by which he triumphantly lived, even as he faced the end of his life.
The book reveal how bright and spirited Morrie was, even though he is diagnosed with ALS, the same as the well-known physicist Stephen Hawking. However, Morrie’s face always revealed a sense of wisdom and eloquence. How could a man who seemed not at all troubled by his oncoming death? What lies behind the optimism? The book is a page-turner with thought-provoking questions that left you wonder.

With the unique insight of life, Morrie illustrated his understanding of life, mind, emotions, loss and death, and offered consolation to people with physical limitations, grievances and losses. I think these topics are handled in a prudent and tactful way, and readers are touched to believe in him.

I would highly recommend the book to anyone since we can acquire some useful knowledge through reading this book. Death is a taboo in our society which is considered to be a threat. But Morrie seemed to accept it like any other events in the world. ‘Entertain the thought and feeling that the distance between life and death may not be as great as you think.’ No one seems to realize that life can be short to be wasted, let alone entertaining the thought of it. When no spells of misfortune come on them, people start to take their lives for granted. Seldom do we think about dying in our sleep or be murdered by someone on the street. Any moment can be our twinkling of death, and nothing— nothing at all — is under your control. People seem to have the misconception of separating life and death, lacking the ability to link them together with only a tint of incidence and fate. It’s profoundly a torture! But it all depends on the way you comprehend it. This is the thought that can stimulate your desire to work, or that can abase your motivation to live on. No matter what perceptions we are taking, this is the one and whole truth of nature and the circle of life. No one can ever resist the rule, and we have to accept the fact anyhow. These are the wisdom I have learnt from reading the book.

Reading this book is like unwrapping a present which is packed in layers of sheets. This is an evergreen wisdom literature that I recommend to all.

Thank you .