4D Law Kin Ning

By | December 13, 2018

Good Morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Law Kin Ning from class 4D and today I am going to share a book called Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. As we all know, the series of Harry Potter have 7 books and The Goblet of fire is my favourite.
In this book, there is a Triwizard Tournament, in which three magical schools compete across three dangerous challenges. The Goblet of Fire selects “champions” to take part in the competition. The conflict occurs when Goblet selects the protagonist Harry as the fourth champion. The champions are asked to complete three tasks in the Tournament. The rising action is they need to retrieve a golden egg guarded by the dragon they pick. Harry succeeds in retrieving the egg, which contains information about the second challenge. And the second task is the champions must dive underwater to rescue their friends. Harry finishes this task well and shows his courage. For the final task, the champions must reach the Triwizard Cup located in a hedge maze. Harry and his friend Cedric together grab the cup, which turns out to be a Portkey and transports them to a graveyard where the antagonists Pettigrew and Voldemort are waiting. Unfortunately, Pettigrew kills Cedric with the Killing Curse, and resurrects Voldemort who is the most vicious and cruel wizard in the world. It is the part of the climax. The falling action is when Harry is almost to lose, the spirits of the people that Voldemort murdered materialize in the graveyard. This distracts Voldemort and his followers’ attention, allowing Harry to escape finally. This is the resolution.
This book is really thought-provoking. It allows me to witness Harry’s transformation from a child to a teenaged young man. J. K. Rowling did a good job on describing the details of the incidents, and she created a very stressful environment depicted in the story. I also admire Harry Potter’s bravery. Embodying the spirit of never giving up is the insight I have gained. No matter how harsh the difficulties are, Harry believes in himself and tries his best to conquer all the challenges with his courage and wisdom.
This is the end of my sharing. Thank you.