5C Leung Man Chu

By | October 10, 2018

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Leung Man Chu of class 5C. Nowadays, many teenagers or even children do not show respect to their parents. Even worse, some of them even scold or hit their parents. However, parents are people who bring you to the world and raise you up. How can they treat their parents like that? Today, I am here to tell you the reasons why we should respect our parents.

Our parents are the ones who give us unconditional love. They will always stand by our side. They are always ready to share our ups and downs no matter what happened to us. What is more, they always care for us and help us pave way for a better future even at the expense of their own health and life. How great they are! Why can they be so selfless? It’s just because they are our parents! Many teens may grumble about their parents for arranging too many tutorial classes or cramming their already packed schedules with extra-curricular activities. Before blaming our parents, why don’t we put ourselves into their shoes? They pin all their hopes and expectations on us. They always hope we can have a brighter future. Instead of pointing our finger at them, think about what we have done for them. We should be grateful for our parents because they always try their best to keep us safe and warm without asking for anything from us. They love us from the bottom of their heart.

Our parents are also our lighthouse at sea. At times, we may get lost and bewildered. Whom can we turn to? Of course, it’s our parents. They are older and thus wiser. As they have seen more of the world and have plenty more experiences, they can always offer us not only encouragement but also words of wisdom. With their advice and guidance, we can avoid the dangers, cross the barricades and reach our destination. Can you think of anyone who can replace them?

All in all, our parents are the ones whom we can count on. Thanks to them, we can resist the wind and storm and stand on the mountain. Think about those orphans. They have no one to turn to when they are gloomy. They can love or respect nobody even they are willing to do so. We are fortunate as our beloved parents are besides us. We should show our greatest love and respect to them. Starting from today, try to develop a better relationship with them and love them. Don’t make yourself regret for the rest of your life! Thank you.