4A Jerry Chiu

By | December 14, 2017

Good morning principal, teachers, and fellow schoolmates,

I’m Jerry Chiu of 4A. Today, I will share with you a book that I have read recently. The book title is The Land of Stories—the Enchantress Returns. Different renowned characters in various fairy tales can be found in The Land of Stories.

Let me first introduce the background of the story. Conner and Alex are twins living in the real world, who are part-fairies. They enter the Land of Stories accidentally and start their adventure there. The Land of Stories is divided into many parts, including the Sleeping Kingdom, the Charming Kingdom, etc. In this book, the Enchantress that curses Sleeping Beauty has returned. The twins find out that their mother is kidnapped by the witch, and they then slip back to the Fairy World to save her. They use the Wand of Wonderment and other characters’ abilities to defeat the villain.

There are a number of reasons behind my recommendation of this fiction. The first to be noted is that the plot is fascinating. It is attractive to read this novel. Can you recall how badly you wanted to help Cinderella to get the glass slipper while watching cartoons? That’s why I love this series so much. As the setting of the story changes frequently among the picturesque Land of Stories, the plot becomes close-packed. Readers love it!

Another prominent factor is that the author is well versed in establishing personalities by describing their actions, dialogues, and thoughts. The characters are charismatic. They show their personalities by body movements and attract people in different ways. These all end up turning this book into an international bestseller.

Apart from what I have mentioned, we can also learn bravery and adventurous spirit from it. If you are interested in it, you can go to our school library to borrow it. Hope you enjoy reading it! Thank you!