4C Andy Ng

By | December 6, 2017

Good morning, principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I’m Andy Ng from 4C.

Today I am going to share a wonderful book, which is about the culture of Brazil with all of you. It is Teens in Brazil written by Caryn Gracey Jones.

Have you ever been to Brazil? Do you know anything about the adolescents there?  As I do not know the foreign culture much before, I’m really interested in reading this book. Not only do I know the life of the youngsters there, but I also broaden my horizon. I’m really delighted after I read this book. This book unveils the culturally rich environment of Brazil like the icon of Brazil, football, dancing to samba music and performing the art of Capoeira. As I am a keen football player, the way the teens in Brazil play football and their attitudes towards the sport really incite me to play football with a positive attitude. Never do they overestimate the importance of victory and they will not give up easily in football matches no matter how tough the opponents are.

In the past, I was always infuriated and frustrated when my team was losing. Hardly could I stay cool-headed. Even though I know it is one of my weaknesses, I could not refrain myself from thinking about winning the game.  Seldom could I feel the joy of doing sport. Having been inspired by this book, I have a self-reflection. I think I should learn from the spirits and positivity of the football players in Brazil. They treat every game an ordinary game. Therefore, they can definitely enjoy every minute in the game. I should stand on my own feet and pluck up my courage to try my best to accomplish all the things that are meaningful to me. It benefits me immensely and it also urges me to develop a positive thinking too. The youths in Brazil also study round the clock in order to get in the college and seek a great job with good prospects. Although the government there does not give them enough aid, it does not hinder their studies. To throw ourselves into this situation, hardly can we get a result with flying colours under those financial constraints. Therefore we should cherish what we have and chase our dream. Let’s lead a fruitful life and pave way for our future!

This is what I want to share today. Thank you.