5A Lam Wu Kevin

By | September 21, 2017

Good morning, principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Kevin Lam from class 5A. You probably have heard about names like Lee Lai Shan, Rex Tso,

Yeung Man Wai, and Siobhan Haughey. They are the brilliant athletes in Hong Kong. It is hard to believe

how far Hong Kong sports has gone when compared to 20 years before. Two decades ago, it is difficult

for athletes to survive due to the lack of official support and recognition from the society . However, as

the society advances, some drastic changes have been made in respect of hardware and software of

Hong Kong sports.

Stadiums for training are the foundation of sports development. Naturally, the government

has been attempting to improve the facilities. Over the years, an increasing amount of money has been

budgeted for sports, of which a major sector is spent on facilities construction. The Kai Tak Sports Park

has been  proposed lately, which is said to become the biggest sports complex in Hong Kong. Despite

progress made in the recent years, there is still some room for improvement. For instance, many have

been requesting the government to construct more water sports infrastructure so as to enable more

people to participate in events like windsurfing, rowing and so on.

Meanwhile, the government has implemented a wide range of measures with an aim of training

the budding. To bring out sportsmen’s potential, the Hong Kong Sports Institute employs a team of

coaches to design programs for elite individuals. For example, Mr. Shen Jin Kang, who is the trainer of

the Olympic medal-winning cyclist, Lee Wai Sze, is employed as the Head Cycling Coach. Moreover,

another major goal is to promote sports to the citizens and change their perception on athletes. The

sportAct Award scheme is one of the many examples, which aims to encourage students to partake in

physical exercise regularly and guide them to a healthier lifestyle.

Sports is an amazing thing. When taking part in sports, whether as a sportsman or as an

audience, we can throw away our differences. Not only can honor be brought to the territory by

participating in sports, but also harmony. Without doubt, sports development is a vital part in creating

a more sophisticated society and it is hoped that the government can further popularize sports culture.

Finally, we, as a part of the society, should also become more engaged in sports. Thank you!