4C Samantha Kwok

By | December 19, 2016

Good Morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Samantha Kwok of class 4C. Today, I am going to share with you a book called Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children written by Ransom Riggs, which has been turned into a Hollywood movie in recent years.

In the story, everyone has their own peculiarities. For example, Jacob can see hollows, Emma can make fire, Olive can control air and she’s lighter than air, Millard is invisible, Claire has an extra mouth in the back of her head, and Miss Peregrine can manipulate time and create time loops. In the story, Miss Peregrine is the headmistress of the home for peculiar children. She will do everything for her children and is ready to sacrifice herself to protect them.

In the beginning of the story, Jacob’s grandfather was killed by hollows and before he died he told Jacob to find the bird in the loop, he also kept mentioning September 3rd 1940. When Jacob is a child, he listened to his grandfather’s stories about living with peculiar children in a special home run by Miss Peregrine. Therefore, he started his adventure to the home for peculiar children, which was in Wales, with his father.

When they arrived in Wales, Jacob met Emma and Millard, who took him to Miss Peregrine’s home which was in September 3rd 1940, the day before Miss Peregrine’s home was destroyed by a bomb dropped during The Second World War through a time portal. Miss Peregrine wanted to protect her children so she created a time loop.

The bad peculiars believed that they could live like normal people and they started their first experiment. However, it wasn’t successful. They became hollows which were invisible. They were monsters with no souls or hearts. They were scary because no one could see them. Everybody was afraid of the unknowns especially the ones which could kill them and gouge their eyes out. The hollows needed to eat the eyes of other peculiars especially those of children in order to recover from hollows to human form. After a few years, they decided to do the experiment again and more Ymbrynes were kidnapped including Miss Peregrine. All peculiars started to fight with the bad peculiars and the hollows in order to rescue Miss Peregrine.

Overall, this book is entertaining and I highly recommend it to every one of you. Many people fear being different and after reading this book you will know that everyone is different in their own way. We all have special and unique talents.

This is the end of my sharing. Thank you.