4B Li Wing Nam

By | December 1, 2016

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates ,I am Li Wing Nam from 4B and I would like to share a book called The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes, one of the best sellers of all time.

Sherlock Holmes, one of the most famous detectives in the world for over years, helped tackling cases of which even police can’t find out the truth. His intelligence, brings readers to delve into the criminal world of London. This book contains 12 investigations of 12 different cases and was told from the view of DR. Watson, Sherlock’s trusted companion.

One of my favorites in the series, is the case “The Adventure of the Speckled Band.” The rising action is Helen Stoner visits the protagonists Holmes and Watson, fearing for her life. Her sister died suddenly not long before her wedding. The conflict is now that Helen is to be married, she worries that she will meet the same fate. Holmes agrees to take the case, but before he can leave his home, he receives a visit from the antagonist Roylott, who threatens him. Holmes is undeterred and continues the investigation. Holmes suspects that Roylott wants to kill his step daughters. Upon the investigation of the room of Helen’s sister, Sherlock observes the furniture in the room is strange and decides to wait at midnight in order to catch the murder.

Holmes and Watson arrange to spend the night in Helen’s room. In darkness they wait; suddenly, a slight metallic noise and a dim light through the ventilator prompt Holmes to action. Quickly lighting a candle, he discovers on the bell cord the “speckled band”—a poisonous snake. This is the part of climax. He strikes the snake with a stick, driving it back through the ventilator; agitated, it attacks Roylott, who had been waiting for it to return after killing Helen. This is the falling action. Holmes reveals to Watson that Roylott plotted to remove both daughters before they married because he would have lost most of the fortune he controlled when the daughters took with them the money left to them by their mother. The resolution is Roylott ends up dying at the hands of a snake.

From the above case, I do see the intelligence of Sherlock, knowing the truth, just by observing the room and concluding the details. Moreover, Sherlock’s braveness is also one of his attractiveness. He can handle all the difficulties with courage.

Through Watson’s eyes, the reader is able to get inside the mind of the great Holmes and to learn to think like a master detective.

This is the end of my sharing, thank you.