4A Yung Yuen Ching

By | November 24, 2016

Good morning, principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Yung Yuen Ching of 4A.  Do you like reading novels?  Today I would like to share an interesting book with you.

Recently, I have read a book called Narnia, the lions, the witch and the wardrobe. It was written by C.S. Louis. It is a fantasy novel which is about four little adventurers Peter, Susan, Admund and Lucy, who went to a fantasy world called Narnia.

There is no summer in Narnia, which is a land frozen in eternal winter.  All the land is covered in snow and ice. Most living things are animals and half human half animal. It is a country isolated from our world.

At the beginning, this country was ruled by the king of animal-Aslan, the great lion. But when the story begins, a human lady called the White Witch seizes this country, bringing great suffering to everyone.

On the other hand, the four children evacuated from London during World War II to escape the Blitz. They are sent to the countryside to live with Professor Digory Kirke. Exploring the professor’s house, they find a wardrobe leading to Narnia through it. After the White Witch discovered their visit, she wanted to kill them. Luckily, Aslan saves them. The four children helped Aslan and the justice army to fight against the White Witch. At the end, they won and became the king and the queen of Narnia. However, after several years, they come back to the real world accidentally and find that they are still children. All the things happened in Narnia are just like a dream.
The plot of the novel is thought-provoking with a spirit of adventure. Each adventure needs courage to overcome. The characters in the story are very young, but they can still defeat the White Witch because they are courageous enough to make attempts. Although it is a story, the message behind teaches us a valuable lesson. Whenever we meet challenges, we have to learn from the four little children, pluck up our courage to jump over the hurdles.