5C Leung Suet Ching

By | October 5, 2016

Good morning, principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,I am Janice Leung from 5C.

Which was your most memorable school picnic ?  To me, it was the school picnic last year. Our class went to countryside for picnic. It was a fine warm morning. The sun was high over the sky. We gathered in the school at eight o’clock. Two teachers accompanied us and some classmates took charge of the food. At half past eight, we got on the coach and started our journey.

We all were in a picnic mood. We sang songs and clapped. We were shouting and rejoicing.  At around nine, we reached the destination.

We were happy to leave the polluted air of the city behind and breathe the fresh air in the countryside. The nature welcomed us with open arms. The stunning mountains and greenery uplifted my spirits.  Eating and playing in such environment was enjoyable. Picnic to me means holding a feast in a natural environment and sharing it with classmates and teachers. Picnic is kind of open air entertainment. No sooner had we reached the place than we set to work.  Some of us cut vegetables while some others prepared the cooking utensils. The food included chicken wings, pork chop, fish balls and sausages etc. We played on the smart phone to enjoy the K-pop music. We also sang a few delightful songs. Before long, we got immersed in some group games with the teachers. We thoroughly enjoyed and cherished this fun time with our teachers.


After the cooking was over, we settled down to eat the delicious food. The taste of the food was further elevated by the company of our beloved classmates. We cooked together, sat together and ate together. We realised the value of team-spirit. Having finished the food, we shared our stories. Everybody admitted that it was a delightful picnic. The teachers also praised us for the smooth management of the picnic. At about 4 pm, the fun filled day came to an end. It was time to go back.


To conclude this experience, I realized that picnics are a short gateway from a busy life. They connect us with our friends in a fun filled manner. They take us go the countryside which is beneficial to our health. Here we learn how to work with pleasure. Here we learn how to work together and enjoy together. We came back home talking, laughing and singing all the way. That’s all of what I want to share. Thank you !