5B Chung Hoi Wing

By | September 21, 2016

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Victor Chung from class 5B. Today, I’m going to share one of my memorable moments at school.  That is the singing contest.

Last year, my class took part in the singing contest. At first, I was not quite happy with this since we had to spend a lot of time on practice. Especially to a shy boy like me, I didn’t know how I can stand in front of all schoolmates and teachers without being nervous. Standing on the stage and facing the audience, I might forget all the lyrics and make our class embarrassed. At that time, every day before the singing contest was a torture to me.  I was totally desperate.

As I didn’t really enjoy taking part in the contest, I had decided to do lip sync in practice and the contest. However, when practicing, I found that other classmates were singing loud and clear. They treated this contest very seriously as they really wanted to win the competition. I felt ashamed because my incorporative actions will affect the performance of our class. Therefore, I determined to try my very best to practice and memorize the lyrics so as to win the contest.

On the day of singing contest, I felt extremely stressful I was scared to death. At the same time, our class chairman noticed me. He comforted me that I didn’t need to be too nervous about the performance and just tried my very best to perform in the show as we were a team.  I looked at my classmates and I found that I was not alone.  I noticed that some of them were as nervous as me.  Yes, I was not fighting on my own.  I had companions. I then mustered my courage and sang in front of the stage with my beloved “comrades”.  When our performance ended, every schoolmate and teachers gave us a big hand and cheered for us. I was stunned since we were at the centre of attention at that moment. Although we only got a merit at last, I still felt excited about what we had just done.

This memorable moment has completely changed my life.  I become a more out-going person and have taken part a lot of activities which I have to speak in front of a group of audience. Alexander the Great had said, ‘There is nothing impossible to him who will try’. I hope all of us can attempt something we think it is impossible. It may completely change your life. That’s all I want to share. Thank you!