4C Alvin Bau

By | May 11, 2016

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Alvin Bau from class 4C.

Girls, have you ever thought of what if you are biologically a female but mentally a male or vice versa. Today, I’m going to share a book called “Danish Girl” which is about how a man came across a multitude of difficulties to succeed in his dream of being a lady.

Einer lived peacefully with his wife Genda. They were both famous portrait artists in Denmark. One day, Genda asked Einer to stand for her female model as her model was late to come for her painting. Then Einer dressed with female outfit and named himself Lili.

Unexpectedly, this embarked Einer on the journey of his lifelong identification. Since then, Einer started dressing himself like Lili and even dated other men which  he found was irreversible. His wife Genda noticed the abnormal behaviour of his husband so she took Einer to see the psychologist. All of them thought that he was suffering from mental illness until a doctor suggested the sex reassignment surgery to turn Einer to the real Lili.

Genda of course objected. But Einer really desired to be Lili. He wanted to let Lili exist in reality. Genda finally agreed. But things didn’t go smoothly, though the first and second surgery were successful. Lili died a few days after the final surgery due to bacterial invasion.

Although Einer died in pain, he did not regret as he made what he desired to come true. Sometimes we may fear the consequence of what we want to do. Indeed we should step out to do what we desire even the results may not be as good as we expected, but at least we won’t regret not doing it. Life is full of challenges and we should never avoid them because of fearing a bad result. Everyone has his/her own dreams, goals and ambition. Don’t hesitate to chase your dreams, your goals and your ambition. Do not worry about the results as you at least enjoy the process and you’ll never regret it.

This is the end of my sharing, thank you