4A Lai Long Hin

By | May 3, 2016

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Jason Lai from class 4A.

Have you ever had a feeling of despair? Have you ever imagined how your life will be without your limbs? Recently, I have read a book named “Your Life Without Limits” which introduces the life of Nick. Maybe many of you have heard of Nick before. He is a man born without limbs and is now an international evangelist. However, from this book written by Nick himself, I know more about his experience while growing up, as well as the reason why he always stays positive and is not constrained by his circumstances.

Although Nick is now using his “disability” to start conversations that change lives and seems to be optimistic all the time, life has its ups and downs. When Nick was still a child, he was so inconsolable that he even planned to commit suicide. I was really inspired when I read that he could overcome such adversity by accepting that life was the way it is and discovering hope in life by himself. Moreover, as mentioned in the book, the victory over his struggle can be attributed to his faith in God.

Not only can Nick overcome his adversity, but he also inspires others by sharing his story to people around the world. He gives speeches to them about the experience of how he prevailed over his physical disability and the emotional battle that he endured. Furthermore, Nick also shares how his faith in God has been his major source of strength. His story has encouraged everyone to stay positive towards life.

This book is really inspirational. Nick’s story encourages me that life may not be going on as I want, but as long as I persevere and always stay positive, nothing is impossible. Whenever I encounter difficulties, I will think about the story of Nick and I will regain confidence. No matter what challenges lie ahead of me, the attitude of being positive will give me the power and confidence to overcome it. As Nick said “Attitude is Altitude”. We may often think that the difficulties are holding us back, but in fact, they may be making us stronger. Therefore, we should be open to the possibility that today’s handicap might be tomorrow’s advantage.

All in all, always should we keep our hope alive and never give up on our dreams. I hope you also find Nick’s story inspiring and I highly recommend this book to all of you. That’s all I would like to share. Thank you.