3D Carson Lam

By | May 3, 2016

Good morning, principal, teachers and fellow classmates. I’m Carson Lam of 3D.

Today, it’s my honour to share a magazine which is called “Popular Science” with all of you. What is so engrossing about it is that it updates us about various kinds of funny future scientific technologies such as the fascinating Batman supercar, new tele-device, humanoid and the like. Moreover, it features some funny and interesting inventions like advanced military equipment and weapons and new medical devices that you have never imagined. Also the magazine introduces discussions of topics related to various disciplines, ranging from physics to chemistry. The magazine presents these discussions in a wide variety of ways. For instance, interesting physical concepts are illustrated through colorful cartoons. In addition, when topics related to Biology are to be discussed, analysis was made from different perspectives. The magazine succeeds in providing us a useful platform for learning science in entertaining ways.

 Among the various issues of Popular Science, I was especially attracted by the issue that features an article talking about how to build a city which cannot be brought down by storms. At first, I thought the key to it was building an indestructible shelter, that is covering the city with huge amount of tough concretes so as to protect the buildings. But actually it’s about keeping energy supply stable during extreme weather conditions and storms. As a case in point, the super storm Sandy caused hundreds of mass outages in North Carolina in US. As a result, trees were torn down and the wires went broken. What even worse was that the regional electricity facilities were damaged, which caused a power failure. Have you ever thought about living without electricity? We cannot do anything without sufficient illumination at night. We cannot take a bath with hot water. Neither can we use refrigerators to store food. It’s really inconvenient and brings a huge impact to our lives. Curiosity drives me to look for the solutions to this problem. It turns out that the problem can be solved if alternative power source can be found. It is suggested that if every house has solar panels installed. Then, energy can be collected on sunny day and stored at the backup drive, which were well-protected in every district. Once blackout occurred because of extreme weather and storms, electricity service can remain unaffected. And the impacts on the resident would be minimal.

 Popular Science enriches me with a lot of interesting knowledge. These knowledge leads us to get to know a world that is without limit.  That’s why I strongly recommend it to all of you. Let’s widen our horizons in reading. 

 Thank you.