4B Chung Shing

By | May 4, 2016

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Chung Shing from class 4B. Today, I would like to share with you a book I’ve read recently, The Joy Luck Club. This book is written by Amy Tan, an American writer who is good at writing the emotional entanglement between mothers and daughters, Among all her books, the most popular one is the Joy Luck Club, when I first saw the title of the novel, I thought it was filled with joy and happiness. However, to my surprise, the book is mainly about the conflicts between mothers and daughters, which are not only complicated by age difference, but also by extremely different growing environment.

All the four mothers grow up in pre-liberation China. Despite living in a foreign land, they remain Chinese cultural tradition. However, The four daughters are different. They were born in America and deeply affected by American culture. They do not value the Chinese heritage which their mothers value dearly and even called their mothers as “old world fossil”. Because of language barrier and different cultural backgrounds, both two sides think the other is absurd and ridiculous, resulting in a deep contradiction.

The plots in this book mainly revolves around the conflicts between mothers and their daughters. What impresses me most is the conversation between Lingdo Jong and her daughter Vivily in the Beauty Salon. The following day is Vivily’s wedding, but her mum is hurt by her words. They have different ideas about the hair style in wedding. Vivily thinks that her mother’s hair style is outdated. Her mother realizes Vivily is embarrassed because she starts to ignore her mum. After a bitter quarrel, Vivily tells some truth that she has never told her mother, which indeed she just cares too much about her mother’s attitude, even one word, one sight or one expression from her. Also, her mother let Vivily know who she is and all her press to Vivily comes from her love!

The interaction between Lingdo Jong and Vivily resembles my own experience. I used to talk to my parents rudely when I was a child. But for now, as I grow up, I communicate with my parents more gently and have a deeper understanding of my family members. Sometimes, our misunderstanding of family members will hurt both sides. We are ashamed to express our love and inner thoughts. We are even stubborn and do not bother explaining anything. As far as I concern, it is all because of unawareness of communication with the people we love. After overcoming the obstacle of mind, we will have more joy and happiness in our family!

I would definitely recommend all you guys read this book because it is full of insights and hope you guys can learn something while indulging in reading. Thank you!