3C Lui Pui Shan

By | April 26, 2016

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Lui Pui Shan from class 3C. Today I am going to share with you a book called Billy Elliot. This book took place in a British coal mining town. The main character in this book was an 11-year-old boy, Billy Elliot. Billy’s family was poor because his father and brother Tony were striking miners, and his mother had passed away. At that time, Billy was learning to box as his father wanted Billy to be a strong man him. However, Billy did not like boxing at all. One day, he saw a woman who was teaching ballet in a dance room. He was totally attracted by the dance. Soon he shyly joined her class. He was the only boy in a crowd of tutus and the teacher knew that Billy had talent for ballet.

Form that day onwards, Billy used the money for boxing classes to pay for the ballet classes and kept this as a secret. Unthoughtfully, Billy’s father found out his secret and stopped Billy. But Billy did not give up, he practiced very hard with his teacher every day secretly and finally was invited to an audition of a very famous ballet school in London. Billy wanted to grasp this chance. Thus, he plucked up his courage to dance in front of his father and wanted to prove himself to him. Billy’s father was touched by Billy’s effort and was willing to let Billy to attend the audition of the ballet school. Finally, Billy was admitted to the school and became a great dancer because of his hard work.

There is one sentence in the book which has been imprinted in my mind. This sentence comes from the letter by Billy’s mother. His mother wrote, “Always be yourself. “. All of us have our own dream, but before we can make the dream come true, there are always many difficulties which deter us from taking action and make us want to give up. I think we should learn from Billy. When he encountered different difficulties, his determination never wavered and he never gave up. He was firm and he knew what he wanted. He tried his best to jump over the hurdles. Finally he became a wonderful dancer. His dream came true! Always be yourself. You only live once. Try your best and strain towards what is ahead to to achieve your dream. Thank you.