5D Gabriel Leung Yat Hei

By | October 14, 2015

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I’m Gabriel Leung from 5D. May I ask you a simple question? What does the identity as a student mean to you? From my perspective, the identity as a student is being a determined and perseverant learner and participating in voluntary work to repay the society.

To begin with, it is beyond a shadow of doubt that dedicating our efforts and time on academic study is our responsibility. The purpose of going to school is to become a knowledgeable youngster and maintain personal growth through learning diversified knowledge. If we do not keep an appropriate attitude towards study, how can we guarantee ourselves with a prosperous future? Moreover, teachers and parents provided proper cultivation, both wisdom and life experiences have been delivered to us since we were little children by them. With all the efforts and expectations that our beloved parents and teachers have put upon us, it is definitely unwise and irresponsible for us to give up easily on our studies.

What is more, it is also indispensable for us to fulfill our social responsibility by devoting ourselves wholeheartedly to voluntary work. We receive proper education provided by the society, therefore it is our duty to consecrate ourselves to serve back the society. More importantly, helping the people who are in need is not only a responsibility to us, but it is also a meaningful thing to achieve. All we have to do is trying our best to accomplish a small little thing such as selling flags, but the achievement is not less than a life-saving means to the needy. What’s more, under the exam-oriented education system, students are expected to study round the clock in order to get outstanding results. Negative sentiments will absolutely be resulted due to this circumstance, with so much accumulative pressure and bottled-up emotions, partaking in voluntary work can definitely rejuvenate their spirits and provide incentives for teens to keep moving forward.

All in all, identification comes with responsibility, not only should we show determination in academic studies, but we should also some our kindness to the people who are in need, so as to foster the sense of personal identification as a student. It is undoubtedly crucial for all of us to put our one hundred percent of dedication to our studies and to fulfill social responsibility, in order to become a mature and independent adult in the future. Thank you.