5C Leo Ma On Tung

By | September 30, 2015

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Leo Ma of 5C. Today, I’d like to share with you why responsibility is eminently indispensable in interpersonal relationships as well as in contemporary society.

To commence with, let me ask you a question. Imagine you wake up late in the morning. You attempt to run as fast as a cheetah so as to avoid being late. Nonetheless, a girl suddenly appears from nowhere when you are dashing to the school. Unfortunately, you knock her down, banging her arm against the iron railing. The girl crouches over her bleeding knees on the street. You realize that her knees are grievously injured. What is your immediate action? What would you choose, to tend her or to say ‘Sorry’ perfunctorily and keep on sprinting to school? Would you bear the responsibility of knocking the girl down even though you are about to be late?

It seems to be a difficult choice. However, responsibility is extraordinary crucial in interpersonal relationship. No one will deny that a responsible person will have more friends. Do you like your friends who always shed their responsibility when you work with them? Do you like your pals who agree to aid you affirmatively and yet they eat their words eventually? It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one wants a friend who doesn’t keep their promises. People typically agree that a responsible person would give a great impression to others. Apparently, responsibility is without a doubt of paramount importance in developing close rapport.

Other than being essential in relationship, responsibility is also critical in the workplace. It is not astonishing to make mistakes while you are working. It’s difficult to own our mistakes. Most people actively avoid taking responsibility out of fear of the negative repercussion that may come from admitting that we’ve goofed. Nevertheless, we should always bear our responsibility. Making excuses and blaming others will make you shady and disloyal in your employers’ eyes. When everyone in your workplace sees you to be a trustworthy person, you will reap the benefits of being respected and appreciated by your boss and colleagues. Undeniably, taking responsibility is significant in the company.

Conclusively speaking, a sense of responsibility is really vital in relationship. If you lack responsibility, it is arduous to make friends, let alone seek a job in future. Try your best to keep your every promise and become a responsible student from now on.

Thank you!