5A Angel Ho On Ki

By | September 25, 2015

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates.

I am Angel Ho class 5A. On behalf of our class, it is my honour to share with you about integrity and honesty. No one will deny that integrity and honesty are important for everyone. Now, let me tell you more about it.

To begin with, let me ask you some questions. Prefects, have you ever seen your friends playing with their phones but you did not report to the teachers? Subject representatives, have you ever tried not sending your friends to detention class? That’s about integrity. Reporting students who violate school rules and helping teachers to check classmates’ homework is your responsibilities. Schoolmates, have you ever told teachers that you forgot to bring the homework but you actually haven’t done it? Have you ever borrowed books from classmates and pretend that you have bring the textbook to lesson? Being a student, we should finish our homework on time. If we didn’t, we should tell our teachers honestly.

Undeniably, having integrity and being honest are important for all of us. If we are dishonest, not only would people be disappointed with us, but they would also lose trust in us. As time goes by, no one would believe in us and we lose our integrity, everybody stays away from us. Whenever we need support, we would feel helpless. Whenever we are sad, we would feel lonely. Whenever we are happy but no one to share with, we can even feel the emptiness inside our heart. Frankly speaking, no one would like to be friends with someone dishonest. Needless to say, integrity and honesty are the important elements in interpersonal relationships.

In other words, integrity is like an eraser. No sooner have you told a lie than the eraser got smaller. One day, the eraser would be finally used up, and we have lost our integrity. So everyone, please treasure your one and only one eraser in your lifetime.

Thank you!