3A Kajal Aidasani

By | January 26, 2015

Good morning principal, teachers, and fellow schoolmates. I am Kajal Aidasani from class 3A. Today, I’m excited to share one of my favourite books to all of you. It is the first book of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ series written by Rick Riordan. It is called The Lightning Thief.

To begin with, I would briefly introduce the plot of the story. When Zeus, the greatest God of all Gods realized his lightning bolt was stolen, he accused Percy Jackson, who was half God and half human, for stealing it and abducted his mother. However, Percy wasn’t in possession of Zeus’s lightning bolt. He had to rescue his mother from hell and bring back the lightning bolt to Zeus in fourteen days in order to stop a war from breaking out between his father and Zeus.

From the book, I admire Percy Jackson the most. His courage brings out the best of him. For the sake of saving his mum, he plucked up his courage and went through hell to negotiate with the Gods that it was not him who stole the lightning bolt and asked the Gods to release his mum. Despite being an inexperienced fighter, he still tried his best to protect his loved ones, friends and family from being attacked by frightening monsters. I yearn for his gallantry which I can barely achieve. He shows that once we are dedicated and have the determination to achieve something, nothing can stop us.

Apart from his bravery, I also deeply respect his humbleness. Though he saved the world and stopped a war between gods which would affect the whole universe from occurring, this hero neither became arrogant nor cocky. He continued living his life by keeping a low profile and did not long for luxury or fame.

Last but not least, I also marvel at Percy’s righteousness. When he figured out that the lightning bolt was stolen by one of his best friends, Luke, he did not shelter him yet report the truth to the Gods. Even though this was a difficult decision to make, due to his honesty and justness, he just followed his heart and did what he thought was right without being biased.
To conclude, this book is full of excitement and it’s totally fabulous. It’s definitely worth spending time reading it. Percy’s daring personality, humbleness and fairness inspire us throughout life. I strongly recommend this book to all of you and I’m sure you will love it. This is the end of my sharing. Thank you.