5D Emily Chiu Hei Ming

By | January 9, 2015

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Emily Chiu from 5D. I believe most of you here have heard of the term “team spirit” before. But how many of you know the essence of it? Team spirit refers to the loyalty to a team and its members. It is demonstrated through support, trust and appreciation. Building a strong team spirit is not only important to our personal growth, but it is also beneficial to our future.

As we all know, team spirit is an indispensable part in our school life. We always have to cooperate with our schoolmates when we are studying at school, for instance, doing projects and organizing club activities. Because of that, team spirit is of utmost importance. Without team spirit, hardly can we accomplish our goals. Take the basketball team as an example. A basketball team consists of players with different roles. Not only should each of them try their best, but they should also cooperate with each other in a match. Mutual trust and cooperation are the two main elements to win a game. Without doubt, team spirit is the key to success.

Apart from that, being able to demonstrate team spirit is crucial when we start working in the future. As a matter of fact, always do we need to collaborate with our colleagues so as to complete some tasks. Consequently, it is necessary for us to learn to be a good team player. For example, in order to treat a patient, both doctors and nurses have to work together. The doctors are responsible for prescribing medication to patients while the nurses have to provide them with care. Doctors can never work alone without the assistance of nurses. The above example perfectly shows the significance of team spirit at work. No matter what roles we play in a team, we should play our own part well and appreciate each other. Only if we demonstrate team spirit can we achieve our common goals.

To sum up, team spirit is definitely important to all of us, no matter in our school life or in our future. Try to build team spirit with your friends and I am sure it helps you reach your targets. This is the end of my sharing. Thank you.