5B Vincent Tran Wing Fat

By | December 11, 2014

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Vincent Tran of 5B. On behalf of our class, it’s my honour to explore cooperation. Let’s ask a question. “Which works better, competition or cooperation?” In our life, we always find ourselves in situations in which we deal with different people whenever we are studying, enjoying our leisure time or hanging out with friends. We will not study or work alone.

By learning to cooperate and work in teams, we can reach our goals with ease. In CZM, we have plenty of opportunities to work on group projects with our schoolmates. Cite the IES project as an example. Before drawing our conclusion, we have to search relevant information, set questionnaires and surveys, gather data and analyse the findings. Only by working together can various tasks be accomplished efficiently. Without our groupmates, we wouldn’t have finished all the tasks before the deadlines. Having worked in groups, we could realize our shared goals with high efficiency and productivity.

Apart from reaching our goals, cooperation can help us resolve conflicts in daily lives in a bid to achieve harmony in our school and community. Wherever different populace live and work with different needs, conflicts are inevitable. Even though we cannot choose whether or not to live with others, we can choose how we interact with them! Through communication, differences can be sorted out and misunderstanding can be avoided.

Do we move towards more peace? Or do we move towards disorder and conflict? Those are our choices — conflict or cooperation?
To conclude, how well a community does is based on how well its members can cooperate with each other. Remember, two heads are better than one. I hope that all of us will learn how to share, work and build our future together.

Thank you.