5A Nip Hiu Tung

By | November 26, 2014

Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates, I am Nip Hiu Tung from 5A. Today I would like to talk about appreciation and acceptance which are important aspects of positive psychology.

What are the functions of appreciation ? First of all, it helps us focus on the good things we have, and not on what we lack. Second, it helps us cope with difficulties and overcome bad experiences. Besides, it promotes positive social interactions, and makes it more likely for us to help others again. Thus, thanks to the appreciation, we gain more energy, improve our mood, get more life satisfaction, and are more supportive to the others.

Then I would like to talk about the ways to begin making appreciation a habit in your daily life. Appreciation can be enhanced by writing a letter of gratitude to someone you need to thank, and personally delivering it to them.

If you feel embarrassed, you can also count your blessings everyday by writing a list of what you’re thankful for and the positive things that happened to you throughout the day in your diary. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to say thank you, great, wonderful etc. to your schoolmates or friends if they do something good.

The second aspect I would examine is acceptance. Many people in this world are not happy with their physical appearance, school result etc. However, you should accept your drawbacks and mistakes. Understand that none of us is perfect and we all have our weaknesses. Instead of focusing on all of the negative things, find and focus on all the good qualities you possess. Make a list of all the bad qualities you have and of all the good qualities you have and compare. Moreover, every time you look yourself in the mirror, point out something good about yourself. Your thoughts have incredible power to help you change your way of thinking. Furthermore, do something every day to correct your weaknesses. If you have a problem with your weight, try exercising for half an hour every day. As a result, your self-esteem can be boosted through self-acceptance.

In short, tell yourself every day that you are a beautiful and unique person. You have to accept who you are and also appreciate the people around you. Thank you !