4D Nancy Wong Shu Huen

By | November 25, 2014

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Nancy Wong of class 4D. Do you know who Nick Vujicic is? He is an Australian born without four limbs. He is the director of the Life Without Limbs organization. Do you want to explore why Nick can lead a positive and successful life even though he is physically disabled? Today, I am going to share a book called ‘Limitless’ written by Nick Vujicic.

Born without arms and legs, Nick has experienced both hope and despair. However, he has already jumped over the hurdles by embracing his faith. In the book ‘Limitless’, Nick shared some devotions. You will surely be encouraged by reading Nick’s experience of taking a positive and grateful attitude.

In the book, Nick shared how he realized that he is free of limitation. He said he is officially disabled, but he is truly enabled. As he lacks limbs, he has an ambition to live a more successful life than the others. Undoubtedly, he faces all the challenges by ignoring his limitation. Nick’s manner has inspired me to actualize my dream to the best of my ability. Too often we tell ourselves that we are not clever or talented enough to pursue our dream. Besides, we sometimes take others’ opinion to heart. As a result, we put restrictions on ourselves. What’s even worse is that we consider ourselves unworthy. We are putting limits on our limitless ability! However, we have a choice. We can choose to either dwell on our shortcomings or appreciate with what we have done. No matter how tough the situation is, it is necessary for us to stay confident and hopeful. Obviously, Nick’s experience has inspired me to deal with problems positively.

Apart from the positive thinking of facing difficulties, Nick has shown us how challenges can strengthen us. He said people who deal successfully with health challenges can experience adversarial growth. Physical disability may weaken people’s ability to move, but it will make their spirit grows stronger. I agree with Nick’s view that challenges make our character more mature. Whatever circumstance we face, it comes with a purpose, although it may be years before we understand what the purpose may be. However, we will surely learn a lesson from the difficulties we come across. Maybe we learn what can be done next time. Maybe we understand the importance of toleration. Maybe we put value on each day and on the precious moments in our lives. Needless to say, Nick’s words have impressed me not to be afraid of troubles.

To conclude, Nick has become a role model due to his enthusiastic character. If you want to know more about his belief, this book is highly recommended to you. I hope you can learn from his experience as I did. Thank you.