4C Liao Hon Lam

By | November 12, 2014

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Liao Hon Lam from class 4C. Before delivering my speech, I would like to ask you a few questions. Do you love eating? Are you interested in something about eating? If so, then you can’t miss the book that I am going to share. It is entitled “Variety in Food Culture”. Let me introduce this interesting book to you!

From the title, it is clearly stated what the content is about. “Variety in Food Culture” has introduced the unique food culture around the world. We may think that we are familiar with the food culture of some countries like Japan and France. Yet, I have got a new perspective of them after reading the book. When we talk about the food in Japan, sushi and sashimi will come into our mind immediately. Actually, fish especially puffer fish is also very famous. Because of its poisonousness, the chefs have to get licenses to serve puffer fish. Fatal though it is, Japanese cannot resist the temptation of this delicious food.

Besides Japan, the Fench food culture also catches my eyes. The expensive and delicious food is the wild truffle. During the season of the truffles, many buyers and food caterers flock to France to get the truffles so that they can put the truffles on the menu. Some rich people will also try to get hold of the truffles for feast on special occasions. Due to the rarity and prices of the truffles, sometimes they are called “black diamonds”. It is hard to find in nature and even the sniffer dogs are trained for collecting the truffles.

If you are a food lover, never should you miss this book. Moreover, this book is easy to understand as there are not many difficult vocabulary. For difficult vocabulary, the book would provide the meaning of them. It helps students to read and enlarge their vocabulary size. I highly recommend this non-friction to junior form students to improve their English.

All in all, I hope all of you would enjoy reading. Read more, and you will earn more! You can find a lot of fun through reading!

That’s what I want to share today. Thank you!