6D Elly Chu Wai Lam

By | October 15, 2014

Good morning Principal, teachers, and fellow schoolmates,

I am Elly CHU of 6D, the chairperson of the Student Association. As teenagers, we have much time to achieve our goals. From time to time, we may get frustrated when being looked down, dropping by the wayside. Nevertheless, if we are willing to say the motto “never give up” to ourselves, maybe, we can actualize our dreams. To encourage all of you to develop a positive attitude towards life, this is truly my honor to share the reason why we should keep going on and the criteria of it with you.

First of all, the spirit allows us to conquer our weakness and so is fear. Throughout our life journey, we have to encounter many challenges or even difficulties sometimes. They try to confuse us, defeat us and force us to go to the dogs. However, what have we achieved yet? Is our academic result satisfactory? Or do you lead a fulfilling life? We get used to condemning the matter of life and, hence, indulging ourselves with the excuse of “we are doomed to failure”. We, just teens, are still young. Never will we be in vain unless we look down ourselves! We can afford the cost of being defeated and then bracing ourselves for any difficulty. Regarding our youth, we should embrace hard times to jump over the hurdles fearlessly, which must lead us to success!

To make everything concrete, let me suggest various criteria to lead a life of “never give up”.

The first criterion is that no matter how harsh and hard our lives are, it is vital for us to have a determined mind and believe in our own potential. Nick Vujicic, who was born without limbs, is the best example. With his practice, he can play football, swim, and even sky-surf. Without doubt, it is difficult for us to play any of these sports very well, but Nick can! The reason behind such a miracle is that he believes in his own ability. There is a quote from him,” If I fail, I am willing to try again and again, and again.” There is no shadow of doubt rarely do we keep attempting. Yet, if we desire to untouchable dream come true, we must give no excuse to ourselves. Acting as Nick, I am sure that all of us can taste the fruit of success.

On top of determination, having a clear identity for ourselves is critical, too. Bethany, another life fighter who lost her limb due to a shark attack, can still surf. She said,” my look does not define who I am.” In spite of her physical disabilities, she can eventually win the champion. We should always ask ourselves about who we are. If you regard yourself as a high achiever, you should aim high! Never perceive yourself as a low achiever. A clear identity helps you to activate yourself when in gloom.

Conclusively speaking, never say never. We should embrace the hard times since we are bound to be mistaken. We should not be depressed when facing adversities, but learn a lesson from it. It is hoped that all of you will be the ones who can stand on your own feet. Don’t put yourself in the dark as we are all the pearls who can rule the ocean.

That’s all I want to share today. Thank you.