6B Celia Kwok Hau Ching

By | October 9, 2014

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,
I’m Celia Kwok from 6B. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share with you all today on the topic “setting goals”. Do you have any goals this year? If yes, what are they? Different people may have different goals. For athletes, they may want to win in the Olympic Games. For students, we may want to get good results in the public exam so that we can get into university. Today I would like to talk about why we have to set goals and how to do it.

Firstly, it is important for us to set goals at the beginning of a year. Setting goals gives us a clear direction of what we should do and it motivates us to work harder. In order to accomplish our goals, we will step out of our comfort zone and stretch our potential. Living without a goal, our lives will lack focus and we may waste time on doing something meaningless. Therefore, setting goals is crucial in our lives.

After understanding the importance of setting goals, let me share with you how to do it. When we are setting goals, we should take our ability, talent and interest into consideration. Our goals should truly reflect what we want, but not what others want us to do. Moreover, in order to maximize the likelihood of success, our goals should be achievable. If our goals are unrealistic, we will never achieve them. For example, if you ranked twentieth in class last year, it is impossible for you to be the number one in class this year. To make it more realistic, you can aim at being the top ten in class. By setting an achievable goal according to your ability, it is more likely that you will succeed.

Apart from that, having a positive attitude also helps us reach our targets. We may encounter difficulties while we are working hard towards our goals. Never should we be pessimistic and give up easily. Instead we should stay positive and try to think of ways to overcome all the challenges. When I was in junior form, my academic performance was not satisfactory. Getting low marks in tests was part of my life and I always made my parents disappointed. However, I didn’t feel upset about it. Instead of thinking that I was doomed to failure, I worked very hard in order to improve. I kept thinking positive and believed in my potential. After paying more effort, I am so glad to see my improvement. My experience shows that staying positive is so important if we want to accomplish our goals.

To conclude, setting goals enables us to lead a fruitful life. Remember to set achievable goals and stay positive. I hope all of you here can start setting goals today and will reach your goals soon. That’s the end of my sharing. Thank you!