6C Christine Tsang Ka Wing

By | October 9, 2014

Good Morning Principal, Teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I’m Christine Tsang of 6C. On behalf of our class, it is my honour to explore problem-solving. Let’s ask a question,” My form 6 schoolmates, Do you know how many days left before the HKDSE?” Well, 173 Days. At the moment, we might feel frustrated due to the insufficient time for revision or feel regret for wasting time on entertainments, however, I have to convict that it is never too late to mend.

To alleviate our studying pressure, we should prioritize based on urgency. I am good at sports, music, arts, whatever and tend to have further development in these areas. Yet, it is time for me to pause for a while, in order to save time for studying so that I won’t be rush. Without doubt, the public exam is a one-off. All students put full effort to it in order to gain an offer from a university. I will put aside my interest, and focus on my study.

Apart from setting priorities, we have to be optimistic. We should always believe that we are capable of overcoming both the academic and non-academic problems. Whenever we encounter failures in the academics or get lost easily in the path of chasing our dreams, we shouldn’t be beaten by our failures, instead, we should deem every difficulties as chances for future training and have faith that we can overcome the problems to earn a precious learning experience. Only in a more positive perspective, can we be motivated to improve.

Last but not least, be active to seek helps from the people whom we trust. As the old’s saying,” Two heads are better than one.” If we have any problems do not feel hesitate to seek helps from classmates, teachers or parents. On the other hand, if we have serious emotional problems. We seek helps from the social workers immediately. Otherwise, the problems make us down.

To conclude, we should find our own suitable way to solve our problems immediately. Remember, actions speak louder than words. I do hope that all of us will have a bright future.

Thank You!