6A Pinky Man Lai Ping

By | September 18, 2014

Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Pinky Man of 6A. Do you know what kind of person you are ? How much do you know about yourself ? Today, I would like to talk about how to understand yourself.

To begin with, there are several ways of understanding yourself. The first thing you can do to gain a greater understanding of yourself is to get an objective assessment

The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire is one of the assessments. It says that all people have 1 of 16 different basic personalities. These personalities can predict how you interact with people, the kinds of interpersonal problems and strengths that you have, and what kind of environment you live and work in best.

Second, look at how you’ve changed. Look at your past and think about what has happened to you over your lifetime and how you act and think today. Looking at how you’ve changed as a person can reveal a lot about why you act the way that you do, because our current behaviors are built on our past experiences.

Another thing is to accept your strength and weaknesses. Be honest to yourself. You should accept your drawbacks and mistakes. Understand that none of us is perfect and we all have our weaknesses.

Apart from the above, figuring out what you want in life is important. To know what you want in life will be the biggest help in trying to understand yourself. Many of us do not know what we really want in life and keep striving to achieve the unknown goal. Being a Form 6 student, getting a result with flying colors in DSE is what I desire.

Analyze your personality in every way possible. Consider how you treat others and examine your behavior with people. You may write a biography. It will help you to reflect upon yourself. Another way to know yourself is to experience life. Traveling will put you in lots of different situations and test your ability to handle stress and adapt to change. You’ll come to a greater understanding of your happiness, priorities and dreams.

In short, in order to know more about our personality, we have to do assessment, accept our strengths and weaknesses, know what is important to us, write a biography and travel for inspiration. As an idiom says “Knowledge of the self is the mother of all knowledge” Thank you !