3B Sarah Yang Tsz Ching

By | February 27, 2014

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

        I am Sarah Yang from 3B.  Today, I would like to suggest different ways of releasing stress.  Nowadays, students are suffered from stress from cramped schoolwork and expectations from parents and teachers.  Bearing too much stress, students may become depressed and feel despair about their lives, finally leading to suicide.  Therefore, we should learn some ways to deal with stress and lead a healthy life.

        First and foremost, doing sports is an effective way to deal with stress.  While doing sports, we can enjoy the game, leaving behind all the work and worries.  We will feel refreshed after doing sports.  Not only does doing sports benefit our mental health, but also our bodies and immune system will be strengthened.  Some may say they can hardly squeeze any time to do sports because of their tight schedule.  Indeed, we can play ball games during lunch hours, after school or at weekends.

        Another effective means to release stress is listening to music.  After a long hard day of work, it is relaxing to listen to music.  We just immerse ourselves into the melody of the music and forget our schoolwork and examinations.  Of course, we should choose soft music but not rock ‘n’ roll, which only makes you tenser.    Many doctors suggest listening to soft music for thirty minutes before sleep in order to improve the quality of sleep.  For those who have sleep problem, I strongly recommend this method.

        Last but not least, going to the countryside and breathing in fresh air is also good to release stress.  Inevitably, we may face difficulties in studies, peer relationship, etc.  We may feel frustrated if we cannot overcome the problem.  At this moment, we can go to the nature and stay away from the hustle and bustle city.  The tranquil environment can calm us down.  What we can do is to enjoy the blue sky and the beautiful scenery.

        All in all, if we do not deal with the stress properly, we may become overstressed and suffer from mental problem.  I hope everyone of us can find some good ways to deal with stress and maintain mental health.