5C Jenny Lau Yuk Chun

By | December 19, 2013

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Jenny Lau from class 5C. Today, I am going to talk about persistence. it means never give up.

First, let me share a story with you about Steve Jobs. I think all of you may hear about him. Although you don’t know who he was or never heard of him, you may be using the product that was created by him. He was the CEO of Apple Company and the creator of famous digital products like iPhone, iMac, and ext.  He got the greatest success and honor. However, do you how many failures he had behind his success?

In his early career, he was one of the founders of the Apple Computer. He had a high hope for this company. However, he was soon fired and left the company which made him not able to keep on achieving his idea. Yet he did not give up and formed a new company called NeXT. At the beginning of running the company, the sales of the new products were not as good as he expected. He did not get down about it but invested in other facet. Soon, he launched the world’s first full three-dimensional stereoscopic animated feature films which made him being famous and got the first success. Because of this, Apple invited him to return to the company. Jobs oversaw the development of iPhone and other products which was the start of his successful business history.

From the story of Steve, what do you find or learn? For me, I find that he insisted on achieving his aim even though there were frustrations. In a speech Jobs gave at Stanford University, he said being fired from Apple was the best thing that could have happened to him. He sees every failure as a challenge rather than feeling depressed and giving up his dream.

The same thing can also happen to us. All of us here will sit for HKDSE. Before we sit for the public examination, we put all our effort into it. Despite us trying our best to finish the test paper; sometime we cannot get any pay off. When you face this situation, what will you do? Give up? Or keep going like Steve? If you give up, you will never get success. On the other hand, if you insist until the end, you will finally be successful, just like Steve. Giving up is easy to do but going on needs perseverance. When you persist and defect any setback, you will be the final winner.

To conclude, persistence is not difficult to do. If we can insist and see any frustrations as challenges instead of evading them. The day of achieving our dream is close to us.

That the end of my sharing. Thank you!