5A Cheung Chun Mo

By | December 10, 2013

Being a successful learner starts with having a positive attitude towards learning. A positive attitude lets you relax, remember, focus and acquire knowledge as you learn. You’re ready to welcome new experiences and recognize many different kinds of learning opportunities. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how assisting others to learn will lead to success. 

First and foremost, helping others is of great virtue. Ever since we studied in kindergartens, teachers and parents teach us to help people in need. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come as easy as you would think. As students, we often get too caught up with our own problems without thinking about others’ need. Besides, most of us lack confidence and have low self-esteem. We may easily think that we are not good enough to help people solve problems. For example, when we see our classmates struggling to work out the solutions for a mathematical equation; instead of teaching him how to work out the answers, we intend to keep quiet as we may think we are not capable of doing so. Apart from being too focused on studying and lacking confidence, some of us choose not to assist others because they are afraid that others will get better results afterwards. 

Never do we think about the fact that assisting others will ultimately lead us to success.  One of the easiest ways to help our friends is simply to share our knowledge. You don’t have to be in front of a classroom to teach. Every day there is an opportunity to educate someone about your area of expertise. Through teaching others, you actually keep educating yourself so you can stay ahead of the curve. As time goes by, it helps consolidate knowledge and enhance understanding.

Another way to assist peers is to give constructive feedbacks. Constructive feedbacks can be tough because some people don’t take constructive criticism well.  There is a difference between telling someone that they did really badly and giving them good examples of how they can improve.  Some people won’t take it well but, in the long run, you will help people that you want to work with and improve the efficiency and success of your studies as well.

What’s more, senior forms students should to assist the S1 newcomers to adapt to the new learning environment. The “Peer Counseling Team” has been doing a good job in taking care of the newcomers. They will have lunch with them and give them advice on how to study well. They will help the young ones to cope with study pressure too. In fact, the team members can gain a sense of satisfaction and happiness by giving the newcomers a helping hand.

So students, stop being indifferent to others’ plight; Stop thinking that there are always other better candidates to help your friends to find a way out of difficulties. Stop underestimating what you are capable of. You won’t know until you try. By taking the first step, you will surely surprise others and even yourself.

That’s the end of my sharing, thank you.