4C Anna Ng Sze Wa

By | November 14, 2013

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Anna Ng from 4C.

Everyone in our school understands what the core values refer to. However, have you ever applied these four values, care, open, respect and endeavor into your daily life. Flipping through the newspaper, it is not uncommon to read the news about quarrels over trivial matters resulting in tragedies. Why do people argue over unimportant things? In fact, it is usually a storm in a teacup. The main reason for the problem is lack of respect. Today, I am here to talk about the importance of respect and what can we do in our everyday life.

Respect is the key to a harmonious relationship. Yet not many people can show respect to others. Sometimes, we may be too ecocentric which will hurt others. Once we do not agree with the opinion of others, we may argue with people and refuse to listen to others. In fact, everyone in Hong Kong enjoys the freedom of speech. Therefore, we should listen to others’ opinion and reach consensus. Otherwise, no one would want to be our friends or partners. We will be the ultimate sufferers.

Having known about the importance of respect, how can we show respect to others in our daily life? First of all, we should put ourselves in others shoes so as to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts. We can take the initiative to show our respect in different roles. As an individual, we should never invade others privacy. Even he or she is your best friend, if he wants to keep it as a secret, we should respect him. Besides, never should we interrupt others when people are speaking. In fact, we should listen to others attentively. At home, we should respect our family members no matter whether they are older or younger than us. Since they all have the freedom of speech, they can share their point of views freely. In society, being a Hong Kong citizen, we should obey the law and rules to maintain a harmonious society so that Hong Kong can be stable and prosperous. If we have a different opinion or have a better idea, we should express our opinion in a logical and sensible way. Never should we take violent action to reach our goal.

Now you have a better understanding of what respect is. Let’s make the world a better place! That’s the end of my sharing. Thank you.