4B Steven Cheung Sau Yip

By | November 13, 2013

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Steven Cheung of 4B. On behalf of my class, it is my honour to share one of our belief , “OPEN”. So what does “OPEN” refer to? Actually , “OPEN” is receptive to new ideas . Now I will talk about the importance of having the quality of “OPEN” and how we can become open-minded.

First of all , we should listen to the others’ opinions. In fact, we always communicate with our friends or classmates in school. Sometimes, our friends express their opinions while working together. Open-mindedness is generally considered an important personal attitude for effective participation in a group. At that time , being a good listener is needed. We have to listen to suggestions while we are working. We have to accept other people’s opinions even though we have a comprehensive plan . Opinions will help us to modify the plan and make it better. Therefore, a good communication among peers is formed. We will cooperate with one another better and work efficiently , and keep a sound relationship among peers.

Apart from listening to other’s opinions, we should accept remarks given by parents or teachers. From time to time , they may give a negative comment to us . Whenever a teacher gives a negative comment, we have to think about it. Think of the ways that we can improve based on the recommendations given by teachers. We have to thank those teachers who give us negative comments, but help us to improve. Parents love us. Whenever they see their children make a mistake, they will correct it. Children should accept their parent’s remarks because parents love them.

Last but not least, we should become broad-minded. People may make mistakes that affect us badly. At that time , we should be open-minded and forgive them unconditionally because no one is perfect. All of us make mistakes in our life. So don’t focus on something minor!

To conclude, “OPEN” is very important in our daily life. We can make improvement ourselves after being “OPEN”. We can also have a good communication and a sound relationship with others too. Thank you!