4A Nip Hiu Tung

By | October 24, 2013

Good morning, principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Nip Hiu Tung of 4A.

 ‘Okay, care, open, respect and endeavor, let’s read aloud together!’ Do you remember these 4 words that our vice-principal Ms. Au Yeung said every year ? “  The core value of our school is ‘CORE’, which can be divided into care, open, respect and endeavor. Today, I would like to talk about how to promote one of the domains, care, which means to care about the others and everything that happens around us.

In our school, Peer Counselors are responsible to care the junior form students. Not only do they give guidance,  but also show concerns to the form 1students.  They are also helpers in some school functions such as Form 1 Orientation Day and Parent-teacher Association Annual Meeting  Thus, being a PC can provide chances for students to show concern on the others.

On top of being a PC, our students can be volunteers  to visit the underprivileged group such as the elderly and the disabled. Many family members of the elderly may move away and leave the elderly living alone. Without doubt, the elderly lacks of care. Consequently, we can ask the volunteers to visit them and also talk to them in a bid to allow them vent their bad feelings. Similarly, the disabled in the society needs our care as well. Therefore, we can also ask some volunteers to visit them in order to know more about the underprivileged group.

Many disasters happened around the world such as the earthquake in Japan. Students can hold a fund-raising activity in school or  donate money to the charity groups like the Red Cross , Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, etc. By doing so, we can promote ‘care’ and also help the victims.

Last but not least, in order to encourage our students to care about everything happening around us, we should ask all of our students to do newspaper cutting.

I believe this can arouse students’ interests in reading newspaper so as to know more about what is happening in our society on the one hand and how lucky we are on the other hand.

By and large, we can promote ‘care’ among students by inviting some students to be peer counselors and also visit the underprivileged group. What’s more, we can also hold a fund-raising activity and ask our students to do newspaper cutting.  With the aid of the above activities, I deem the idea of ‘care’  will eventually be planted in students’ heart.’