6D Daphne Ho Cheuk Ying

By | October 24, 2013

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Daphne Ho from class 6D. Tung Wah’s community services aim at providing a spectrum of social welfare services catering for the needs of families, children and youth, the elderly and the disabled in accordance with the main theme “Quality Care, Holistic Development”. Today, I will share with you the elderly services as well as the rehabilitation services offered by Tung Wah.

First of all, the elderly services provided by Tung Wah are based on the core values of holistic care and innovation. “Healthy Ageing” and “Ageing in Place” are the major concerns of the community support services. It encourages the elders to develop a healthy and balanced life, make good use of their leisure time, and participate in a wide range of activities actively. For “Ageing in Place”, Tung Wah provides home care services and nursing services to assist the old people who are in need and their families living in the community. Due to the effort of Tung Wah, the elderly are able to lead a fulfilling life with dignity and happiness through a wide spectrum of quality services.

Besides giving a helping hand to the elderly, Tung Wah has been very active in developing rehabilitation services. In order to promote and provide services for the development of the physical, mental and social capabilities of disabled adults, a variety of services are offered through the 38 rehabilitation services centers, ranging from day training, vocational rehabilitation to residential care service. Furthermore, parent work, counseling and guidance services to family members and community education programs are also provided to enhance public acceptance and integration of the disabled into the community. With no doubt, the rehabilitation services help the disabled to have a full participation in social life.

In short, the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals contributes a lot to the betterment of our city. No one will deny that the Tung Wahis the most trust-worthy charitable organization in Hong Kong. However, in order to provide more quality services for the community, Tung Wah needs our support. What we can do is to donate money, be a volunteer and so on. Let’s take part in the social services and create a harmonious society together!

Thank you!